Emotion at the root of everything ….

From early childhood, Savine felt intense pleasure when listening to master works of the violin repertoire.  JS Bach’s sonatas and partitas played by Nathan Milstein, Mendehlson’s violin concerto interpreted by Isaac Stern, Schubert’s quartet Death and the Maiden. The simple act of placing the needle on the black vinyl record was an eminent ritual which transported her.  Her whole existence was to be influenced by the indelible strength of these emotions.


Later she learnt to play the viola, a wild and dark instrument which she attempted to master during her learning years at the Conservatoire de Musique de Dijon.  The vibrations of the instrument’s body on her shoulder made a physical and determining impression on her.  Studying and practicing an instrument further developed her initial love for music.


And one day, a programme, a musician, a violin, a sound transported her forever.  Intense emotion wafted her into an infinite and powerful poetic world.  She understood that sound would be at the heart of her work and quest.


It was at this moment that she started working on crafting string instruments.  She wanted to understand how the instrument worked, how the movement of sound was created.


Wanting to acquire a solid grounding, she was apprentice to various competent violin makers throughout Europe for almost ten years, working on modern and ancient instruments.

To master the model, the wood and the tool, the physical and acoustic laws at the heart of the craftsmanship, the knowledge of the varnish chemistry are the essential elements of her work.

In 2006 she set up her own workshop.

Today, regular contact with her fellow craftsmen nourishes curiosity and strengthens the theory.  She adapts her skills to evolving expertise and techniques.  Communicating with musicians is a deep source of inspiration as well as a key to understanding their demanding requirements.


“M’illumino d’Immenso” G.Ungaretti